The Book

Church and State, A Citizen’s Guide

by Jackson Pemberton

This book is unprecedented. No other author has examined church and state issues from the strict and revealing perspective of natural rights. Applying the rigors of scientific investigation, the physicist who graduated with honors in Physics, Mathematics, and Business makes a number of landmark discoveries and lays them out in the language of the everyday citizen. His reasoning is impeccable and compelling, leaving no stone unturned.

A unique handbook based on human rights, for anyone who wants to learn enough about the issues of church and state to make smart choices. A proof, a high school student can understand, that human rights exist independent of the constitution and of God. A very brief history of the issues and current conflicts to put it all in context. A way to stop the conflict.

A book for jurists who want to go a level deeper than the written law, judicial precedents, and get beyond the sophistry that shrouds the most fundamental issues.

Author: Jackson Pemberton

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